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Not all "once fired" brass is created equal. There are many different grades. But... first let's look at what once fired means. Brass that you personally purchase new, and that you personally fire then pick up the casings is the only guaranteed once fired brass that I know of. All other brass sold as once fired is alleged, purported, supposed and otherwise represented as being once fired but you can never be sure. We have sorted tens of thousands of casings. We have reloaded for years. A well reconditioned Winchester case reloaded with Winchester primers is not going to be easily identified by anyone other than a forensic tool mark examiner. There is absolutely no replacement for the final safety inspection that you do prior to reloading any case! Recreational reloaders must never rely on any representation of once fired as a guarantee of the safety of any brass. That having been said, we purchase all our brass from once fired sources, and try to remove any cases that are obviously reloads or are defective. We also add several extra cases to account for any that we might miss which do not pass your safety inspection, a "bakers dozen" if you will. How hot you reload and how many times you reload a case will determine how likely a reloaded case is to fail. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO DETERMINE THE SAFETY OF ANY CASE YOU RELOAD PRIOR TO RELOADING!!! OK...Now on to the grades. There is no consensus among recreational reloaders as to a single grading system. In the 1-2-3 system, Grade 1 brass is mixed head stamp brass that has been cleaned, polished, deprimed and the military primer crimp removed (if applicable). Grade 3 is mixed head stamp brass that has not been cleaned, polished or deprimed. Grade 2 is everything in between. Because of the ambiguity in this system we wanted you to know our definition of brass grades.


CLEANED and POLISHED and RECONDITIONED are further divided into single head stamp or mixed head stamp. ONCE FIRED is always mixed head stamp and MATCH GRADE is always single head stamp.

This brass has been purchased from once fired sources. It has not been cleaned or polished, nor has it been sorted by head stamp. It has been sorted by caliber and to remove the steel and seriously distorted cases. This is just "right off the ground" brass, and is the least expensive grade of once fired brass.
This is brass that has been ultrasonically cleaned in a chemical bath. Our solution contains no ammonia and is very brass friendly. The brass is then sorted by hand according to manufacturers' head stamp. It is then vibratory polished in corn cob media with a polishing agent for hours. We have carefully reviewed the various sites selling once fired brass, and we think our process gives you the cleanest once fired brass you can buy. You be the judge.
This brass is single head stamp brass that has been ultrasonically cleaned in a chemical bath. It has also been full length resized and deprimed then tumbled in walnut media with a dry cleaning additive. This helps clean the primer pocket and burn hole for a more uniform burn of your propellant. It is finally polished in corn cob media with polish. This brass is as close as it gets to new brass.
This brass has had all the treatment of reconditioned brass and it has also been trimmed to length to square the case mouth to the head and restore a consistent case length. It is then chamfered inside and outside the case mouth and the primer pocket is brushed. This brass is only for serious reloaders and for competitors who are looking for match level performance or bench type accuracy. It is also generally as expensive or more expensive than new brass.